Additional Numinous Corpus

Note that unless otherwise stated the standard Essence Cost of 1 per Numinous Corpus activation applies.

Crown Halo: (Angels Only)

This platinum colored Halo grants its user an additional level of Charisma (the same kind you can buy for your Vessel when you create it). Note that even if your Vessel already has the maximum 3 levels of Charisma this Halo’s effects stack with those, however in such a case you must spend 2 Essence to activate Crown Halo instead of 1.

Mark of Heaven (Angels Only):

When any Angel is created a special glyph enters into the language of Heaven that represents him or her. It is their name and something more. Those who activate the Mark of Heaven will display this mark on their backs and shoulders. It will appear as a symbol that glows brightly but that’s a spiritual light. Most mundane people won’t be able to see it, only Celestials, Demons, Spirits and Servitors will see it. Sometimes particularly innocent children will also see it too, as well as animals with eyes. Most Angels use this mark when they want others to know what and who they are at a glance. This is particularly useful in a time when Angels are more likely to use different Vessels that may not be instantly recognized. The down side of course is that when you activate the Mark of Heaven people on both sides – and their Servants – can spot you easily at the same distance that torch can be seen. Demons and recently Fallen Angels cannot use this Numinous Corpus since in effect that symbol is no longer who and what they are.

Cestus Dei (Angels Only):

The Angel’s hands glow white with the power of Heaven when she activates this Numinous Corpus. So wreathed, her punches now land with a Power of +1 (no Accuracy Modifier).

Additional Numinous Corpus

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