The Nine Castellanae

The Nine Castellanae is the name given to the series of semi-autonomous groups of Angels and their allies who are tasked with protecting the Brighton Tether. Each of these groups is known as a Castellan and each Castellan has a leader. Each of those leaders in turn answer to the Commander of the Castellanae – a position currently held by the Seraph of Protection, Zophaeyel. As her position’s name would suggest, Zophaeyel has the right to command any member of any Castellan individually and the Castellanae as a whole (though normally, as a matter of courtesy the Commander follows the chain of command from themselves through a Castellan’s leader if she wishes to command a singular Angel or ally).


The Commander is responsible for requesting new Angel recruits from Heaven or somewhere else on the planet if they’ve previously been assigned. Allies such as Soldiers are usually recruited by individual Castellan leaders, who pass on details of said recruits to the Commander so that some sense of order and accountability can be maintained.

Recently, the relative order and stability the Nine Castellanae have provided has been badly shaken with the destruction of the Kitchen Castellan. While it’s always been a flashpoint for violence, it’s defeat still came as a severe shock There are those who believe that in the wake of this event that Zadkiel (the Archangel of Protection) or even Yves himself might be considering making a change of leadership and some believe the changes may not stop there…

The Nine Castellanae

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