Salathaeyel - a.k.a. "Sal"

Always ready with a smile, a gentle word and a swift blade


Sathaeyal is of medium height and build. He dresses plainly and his only adornment is a celtic style cross worn around his neck. He has dark hair and eyes with a mustache and soul patch.

Sathaeyel is by nature gentle, helpful and inquisitive. These traits are due partly to him being a Cherub, but mostly due to his inherent personality traits and youth. But when it comes to the enemies of Heaven, Sal is essentially merciless. As an Angel in service to Laurence he is skilled with the sword – two of them as a matter of fact – and once sure of his target, nothing breaks his concentration.



Having only recently graduated from Laurence’s War College in Heaven, Salathaeyel is literally only about a year old (something that becomes painfully clear upon speaking to him for more than a minute or so). He’s been assigned to Raziel’s Five Points Castellan, partly to buff up its military capabilities and partly in the hopes that the venerable and wise Mercurian’s brains will rub off on the young Angel.

Salathaeyel - a.k.a. "Sal"

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