Nuraeyel - a.k.a. "Corinne Blythe"

Always wears a clean, crisp duty uniform of the U.S. Coast Guard. Her earnest features underline her forthright manner and highlight her desire to help others wherever possible.


Her current vessel is a tall, statuesque woman of African American descent. A military career (or assumption thereof) causes her to adopt formal and stiff body language that’s softened only her warm, even voice and tendency to smile a lot.

But when she gives an order, she expects it to be obeyed – in spirit at least if not in letter. She takes a very dim view of mavericks because she believes that when you buck the chain of command or ignore orders you put others in danger – and doing that is directly inimical to her basic nature. But she also realizes that in order to maximize effectiveness you have to give your subordinates as much leeway as possible to get a job done. That’s why she often turns a blind eye to the goings on at the Five Points Cafe. As far as she’s concerned, Raziel hasn’t broken any big rules and he gets results.

One of the reasons she joined the Coast Guard with her current Vessel rather than a more militant branch of the American armed services is because she doesn’t like hurting other people if she can help it. But if it cannot be helped she fights with ferocious determination none could guess at merely by looking at her.


Nuraeyel hasn’t been around that long – none of the Angels in service to Zadkiel have. She first came to Earth in the early 1970’s and took up a job with the Coast Guard less than ten years later after she’d changed Vessels. In that capacity she was involved in making sure refugee Cubans made their way safely to Miami during the Muriella Boat Lift in the latter part of the decade. Unfortunately a few years later her Vessel was killed in a freak hurricane when she was swept off the deck of her cutter as it raced for a safe harbor.

Once she’d sorted out yet another Vessel, she opted yet again to serve in the Coast Guard, but this time she went to the U.S. west coast and was stationed in Brighton Harbor, where she’s served ever since.

Though her rank in the Coast Guard is Commander, her role in the Castellanae is better referred to as a lieutenant. Her job is to act as a field commander – a link in the chain between the Commander of the Castellanae itself and four of the Castellans that make it up, specifically those to the west. After the loss of the Castellan in the Kitchen, there are rumors that Nuraeyel might replace Zophaeyel as the overall Commander of the Castellanae, and if she does, she’d likely have to resign her Coast Guard commission. Only time will tell.

Nuraeyel - a.k.a. "Corinne Blythe"

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