Loranaeyel - a.k.a. "Lauren"

Happy, bouncy and always on the move. She's here and then the next minute she's gone.


A waif-like young woman with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. Despite the fact that she never actually rides a bike, she dresses just like a bicycle courier – complete with a tendency to wear a helmet nearly at all times with a ball bap underneath.

Bright and chipper, one has to have a conversation with Loranaeyel at a speed much faster than others because she always has one eye on the door, or the road away. But though she may appear flighty to the untrained eye she pays careful attention, taking in all facts. This tendency is one of the factors that got her assigned to the Telegraph – the bonded inter-Castellan messenger system in Brighton.


Loranayel has been around for a while. She actually worked for the Pony Express soon after it’s founding, and has been working in one capacity or another delivering messages ever since. So when the Telegraph was first established among the Castellanae she was a natural choice to be one of its founding members.

Loranaeyel - a.k.a. "Lauren"

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