Cabraxas - a.k.a. "Luka Prager"

Impeccably dressed in hand tailored suits with expensive haircut and immaculate manicure. A playful smile is belied by cold, dark eyes


Standing a little on the tall side and just a bit thin for his height, Cabraxas nonetheless cuts a striking and handsome figure in his Saville Row tailored suits. He is always well put together, with expensive haircuts and manicures but those merely underline and accentuate his natural charm and charisma.

When one gazes into Cabraxas’ engaging brown eyes and contemplates his warm smile it is difficult to refuse him or even think straight – and he counts on that. As a servant of Ba’al his stock and trade lies in convincing others to follow as he leads – even if he leads from the rear.

And so long as you follow, so long as you’re obedient (and useful of course) Cabraxas will maintain that beautiful visage that you just want to please.

But heaven help you if you fail…to obey or otherwise…..

Cabraxas is ambitious, but knows very well that such ambitions must be carefully cultivated whilst in service to his Archangel, so he is always careful to make sure not to appear to be “too winning”. In casual conversation he often demures in discussions concerning the Brighton Siege. But though he may appear disinterested, inside he burns with a desire to see the Nine Castellanae reduced to smoking ruin and Yves’ mysterious Tether laid as a prize before his masters’ feet.


Cabraxas has come a long way since the days when he fell. Once a Mercurian in service to Michael, he became disillusioned with Michael’s tacit support of the Roman Empire. In truth Michael wasn’t a fan of Rome so much as he believed that Rome was the better of numerous evils and to him, it was better to have tyranny with some stability than chaos with no check on evil whatsoever.

But the freedom represented by the Germanic tribes who opposed Rome at the time drew Cabraxas like a moth to a flame. He couldn’t help himself. The mixture of personal glory and rejection of central authority proved a heady brew. Cabraxas’ fall came shortly thereafter.

Once in Ba’al’s service, Cabraxas very quickly “got with the program”. The very urge to individualism and freedom that pulled him away from the Mandate of Heaven were the first things to go when he pledged service to Ba’al. It was of course a matter of survival, but it also allowed him to hone his loyalty and refine his usefulness to his master. Before long he became noticed and storied. Ba’al decided to test him to destruction, assigning him more and more challenging tasks, but each time Cabraxas came through. So when the position of Deacon of the Brighton Siege came up, he was a natural choice.

While progress in the siege has been slow thus far, Cabraxas has begun to step things up a notch, and those who comment openly upon such things have noted that it seems only a matter of time before this Impudite will have yet another notch of victory in his belt.

Cabraxas - a.k.a. "Luka Prager"

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