B'kiraeyel a.k.a. Steven Lake

Plainly dressed in rugged clothing, his face is a study in balance between intensity and kindness.


B’kiraeyel is a tall man, muscular but not broad-shouldered. Though his resting face might be called severe in countenance, he nonetheless projects an air of kindness – until you anger him. Many children – especially young ones – who interact with him compare him to a lion, citing his golden brown beard as his mane.

The Malakim who calls himself Steven Lake dresses in tough, rugged clothing. Lots of canvas and denim work clothes with steel toed boots. Indeed many who first encounter him mistake him or a construction or maintenance worker – and as a Malakim, he chooses his weapons from among every day tools such as heavy wrenches and hammers.

When speaking to adults, B’kiraeyel is gruff in a way that at first is often mistaken for rudeness or disrespect. When speaking to children though his demeanor softens a great deal and while he doesn’t talk down to kids (indeed that would draw Dissonance)) his voice is often gentler.

But anyone who would hurt a child had better pray that God gives them mercy for he’ll show them none…


Much like Christopher himself, B’kiraeyel fought in the crusades as a Malakim in service to Michael and as a result often found himself fighting side by side at times with Baldaeyel and the two considered themselves friends.

But the two friends’ reactions to the Children’s Crusade were different enough that it caused B’kiraeyel to slowly gravitate away from Michael’s primary focus on “the war” to one where he sought to protect children from the ravages of the world. When Christopher won his Word from Heaven, B’Kiraeyel was one of the first to petition their superiors to join him. At first Michael was dismayed and a little hurt that one of his best warriors wanted to leave his service to go and “play nursemaid”, but in time he came to understand what it was that his subordinate sought to accomplish and grew to respect it a great deal. Now the relationship between the Archangel and B’kiraeyel has become such that on those rare occasions Christopher wants to reach out to the Archangel of War he often uses B’kiraeyel to do it rather than more formal or elaborate means.

B’kiraeyel arrived in Brighton during the mid 1980’s and has pursued his Superior’s Agenda on his own terms ever since. He works alone and spends a lot of time looking after street kids – especially adolescents at risk. Some have taken to calling him the Archangel of Teenagers (though never to his face) since B’kiraeyel believes that until they’re at the age of majority, they’e all “kids” and all his concern.

Because he’s so close to the streets and has an eye on many of the goings on there, numerous Angels cultivate a relationship with him, both as an ally and an information source, but he’s not easy to befriend. Anybody who wants something from him has to work for it.

B'kiraeyel a.k.a. Steven Lake

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